Have to deal with PDF merging or splitting? Then this tool is made for you! Use the super simple online form below to merge together multiple PDF files or split one or more PDF files into several pieces. Welcome!

Merge PDF files

Simply use the form below

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Meet PDF Merge and Split, a simple online tool that does exactly what it says; merges and splits PDF files quickly and easily. Combine PDF files in a hassle-free way, or split them into smaller chunks.

Easy to use

Begin with the "drag & drop PDF files here" or "browse files" area to select PDF files from your device to merge or split, then hit the "merge" or "split" buttons respectively. After a few seconds, the merged PDF document or ZIP archive (containing the splitted files) will be downloaded to your device. That's all!

Completely free

Our tool is free to use. From now you don't have to buy any expensive and bulky software for such tasks.

Safe and secure

The selected files are uploaded to our servers through a secure SSL encrypted connection (https), and deleted immediately after the merging or splitting process. The resulting merged PDF document or ZIP archive (containing the splitted files) are also downloaded through the secure SSL encrypted connection to your device. We do not keep or inspect the contents of the uploaded files in any way. Read our privacy policy below for more details.